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The design of Alpha Tango Yachts is what makes them special because they were built to meet the needs of a wide range of active users. The deep-v aluminum hull is essential to our boats’ sturdiness and outstanding driving characteristics. Aluminum is a popular choice among leisure boaters as well as professional boaters due to its benefits. Aluminium is highly light, rigid, and sturdy. It also doesn’t need to be maintained constantly. Additionally, aluminum is a superb material because it has the greatest fire safety rating (category A1 according to European laws) of any material.

Aluminum is one of the few metals that is both readily available and recyclable. In fact, because of its recycling capabilities, up to 75% of all aluminum ever produced is still in use. Only 5% of the energy needed to generate the same amount of new aluminum is needed to melt used metal.


The IEA reports that the direct CO2 intensity of aluminum production has been stable during the last few years, and in their Net Zero Emissions by 2050 Scenario, they predict that the intensity of emissions will decrease by 3% per year by 2030. In other words, as recycling techniques improve, the amount of energy and resources needed to produce aluminum will continue to decline.

Because of its adaptability, additional metals can be added to aluminum to strengthen some of its inherent features, such as sturdiness and waterproofness. Aluminum is not always utilized as a 100% pure material. Aluminum is an alloy that delivers a level of performance comparable to titanium and sophisticated steels. Additionally, aluminum is a substance that is widely used, which increases its durability.

All these characteristics make aluminum the perfect material for use in the manufacture of boats, both in terms of sustainability and the fact that aluminum boats can be entirely recycled at the end of their incredibly long lives with very little energy expenditure. Since the use of aluminum as a production material has only lately begun to be recognized as a future solution in many other industries, we at Alpha Tango Yacht think that we are industry leaders and have long known about the advantages of aluminum.